Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Professional Peel

Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon, Dr Dennis Gross boasts over 25 years experience in the industry. From the outset he was a pioneer, encouraging women to use a peel on their skins on a daily basis. 

His wife Carrie, was so inspired by the results she began brainstorming a way to share these directional treatments with international clients who couldn’t make it into her husband’s Fifth Avenue clinic in New York. 

Today the Dr Dennis Gross skincare line is one of the most consistently acclaimed cosmeceutical collections in the industry.

“You may not be able to visit a dermatologist every day, but you can use the same formulas I use in my practice,” says Dr. Dennis Gross of his award-winning skincare line. 

We are so proud to have Doctor Dennis Gross’s science proven skincare now at The Sunflower Room! 

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Professional Peel 

Experience the most popular treatment in Dr. Dennis Gross’ 5th Avenue Medi-Spa. 

This complexion-perfecting facial will immediately deliver smooth and flawless skin, minimising fine lines, pores and discolouration. 

Your Expert Skin Therapist will customise the Alpha Beta® peel that’s right for you.