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Don’t lie there for hours determined to fry. We are all very aware of the damage the sun can cause to our skin. That is why we at The Sunflower Room® fake it. Fake bake contains tanning agents to recreate the radiance of a deeper, more natural looking, longer lasting tan.


Fake Bake Spray Tan

  • Full Body £22 Does not include exfoliation


Fake bake contains a darkish cosmetic colour guide that enables an even application. For maximum results this should be left on for at least six to eight hours and preferably overnight before showering off. Please arrive for your tan treatment with loose clothing and avoid wearing restrictive clothing and footwear prior to and after your tan to help prevent marking.  Exfoliation (for spray tan only) and hair removal should be completed 24 hours prior to tanning, please arrive without wearing deodorant, body and face products.