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We at The Sunflower Room® offer different Spa Water Therapies for you to enjoy. Whether you choose our Steam Bath or Hydrotherapy Bath, indulge yourself in the relaxing powers of Spa Water Therapy.

Steam Bath

A deeply cleansing bathing pleasure. The ultimate personal steam bath treatment. 
The luxurious warmth of gentle moist heat reduces tension, relaxes aching muscles, relieves aches and pains and washes impurities away. Works on your body while keeping your head free.

  • £30


Hydrotherapy Bath

Bathe and let soothing aqua jets massage your body in our private multi-jet bath.  
Indulge your senses and free your mind in a relaxing and warm environment and let the warm water jets soothe aches and pains leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

  • £30

Hydrotherapy and Steam Bath treatments are ideal prior to our body treatments. Clients are advised that swimwear must be worn for these treatments. All treatments are private and individual and for women only.