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Now is the time for the 21st century man, and you are on the guest list. The clever people at The Sunflower Room® have developed a top gear list of treatments that are reassuringly masculine. Men are made to feel welcome, relaxed and rejuvenated in our urban spa.


The Big Chill

Chill out and be ready to succeed with this executive package.
Starting with a skin soothing Men’s Prescriptive facial to boost your complexion and relax your mind, you are then treated to a deeply relaxing Muscle Ease body massage the relaxation effect is deepened with an oriental scalp massage.

  • £85


The Great Escape

Been working too hard? What a difference an hour makes. Forget the business lunch, this is the perfect way to spend a stolen hour de-stressing and recharging those batteries.
A muscle warming heat mask is applied to the back to soothe aching muscles then enjoy a face and scalp massage to help to clear your mind of tension and boost your energy levels. The treatment then concludes with a back, neck and shoulder massage to further enhance relaxation and to relieve muscular aches and pains.

  • £55


Muscle Ease Massage

Whether you’ve overdone it at the gym or work this massage designed for men will help to improve body performance whilst deeply relaxing and recharging the body. This intensely therapeutic massage eases body aches, tense shoulders and back knots. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving benefits, restoring your sense of well-being.

  • Full Body £48
  • Back £30


Perfect Back Treatment

Suffering from workout or burn out? Take time out and de-stress with our skin saving back treatment specially developed for men.
A facial for your back! Kick off starts with a deep cleansing and power scrub back treatment to promote healthy skin. The skin is then soothed with an envelopment of a warm mud heat mask. A Muscle Ease back massage follows, enhancing the whole treatment and promoting total relaxation. Perfect for holidays before exposing your back.

  • £48


The Dermalogica® Skin Treatment For Men

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter treatments! The Dermalogica Skin Treatment for men is 100% customised to your skin need’s based on consultation and a thorough, zone-by-zone Face Mapping® skin analysis, making it one treatment … that’s different every time!
Totally designed to meet to your needs, each treatment includes professional double cleansing, exfoliation, extractions (as needed), masque, toner and skin protection.

  • £60


MicroZone® For Men

Want a professional skin treatment but short on time? Get on-the-spot skin solutions with our MicroZone® treatments. We’ll address your top skin concern, hands-on, with our exclusive Dermalogica MicroZone® treatments – the quick fix for troubled skin.
After consultation and face mapping® skin analysis we will determine your skins most pertinent skin needs and focus on key stages of treatment to get you maximum results in a minimum of time.  

  • £30


Mavala Manicure for Men

D.I.Y., fixing the car, work. Maintaining well groomed hands and nails can be a real challenge for men. Get your hands handshake friendly with this executive manicure. Ideal for a special occasion.

  • £25


Mavala Pedicure for Men

The average man takes 18,000 steps a day. Along with all the sports men do, it’s no wonder those feet could do with a M.O.T. once in a while. Treat your feet with this ultimate grooming pedicure.

  • £30


Eyebrow Grooming

The mono-brow is so 90’s. Remove stray and unwanted hairs for a smart and groomed appearance.

  • £9

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is also available. Ideal for fair and greying hair - not just a girl thing!


Wax On … Hair Off

Waxing isn’t just for the ladies! More and more men are becoming aware of the benefits of a smooth appearance. Whether for sport, holiday or just to feel good - please see our list of areas suitable for men’s waxing in our waxing section.


Test Drive More Treatments
The list doesn’t end there! Many of our other treatments are suitable for men.
Take a look at our menu for additional ideas or telephone for more information.


Due to the personal nature of treatments, the management reserve the right to decline request for treatment without further reason.
Male clients are advised that underwear or swimwear must be worn at all times for all treatments. Kindly note that it is necessary to wear your own underwear during your treatment session. Therefore we advise you to bring with you a change of underwear or trunks if you are having a body treatment.